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Hi Everyone.  As I do more and more CT work, I have been asked to write tutorials and I wanted to share them with you all!  I have written several that are listed on 3Scrapateers so I will not repost them here.  But I will provide links to them.  In the future, for tutorials I write, you can find the index of them here.  They will be broken into 3 Catagories:  Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  I will also put up a short post on the home page when new tutorials are released.  I have also acquired a recording program that will allow me to record the tutorial instead of relying on screen shots and a lot of typing.  I will try to keep them short and sweet and also provide a download link for those users who are on dial up and have a hard time viewing the tutorials online.  I do hope you all enjoy them and feel free to email me at admin@floppylattedesigns.com with your tutorial requests.  I work in the following programs:  Paint Shop Pro XII, Photoshop Elements 6, CS4 and CS5 (Adobe Photoshop)  I also have access to someone who writes tutorials for Digital Scrapbook Artist, if you use that program.    Please be advised that screen shot tutorials do take time to build.   

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PSE – PhotoMasks and Silhouettes – at 3Scrapateers
CS4/CS5 – PhotoMasks and Silhouettes – at 3Scrapateers
PaintShopPro XII – PhotoMasks and Silhouettes – at 3Scrapateers

PSE – Blending Silhouettes Tutorial

None Posted at this time

None Posted at this time

4 Responses to “Tutorials Index”

  1. PatriciaD said

    Hey maybe we can conspire, no that confuse, no I mean collaborate (haha) and create some lessons for your site and mine, what do ya think?

  2. PatriciaD said

    It would be nice if I read my message before I sent it and not “confuse” the issue any more!!

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