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Potato Chips ARE Veggies too!

Hello everyone. Time for another Layout from Across the Galleries. This one comes to us from “jenjenjasp” in the RAKScraps Gallery and was listed in the Tour de Gallery Challenge.  This is just too cute.  Children know exactly what they want to say, and 99% of the time they just say it!  And I could not agree more with this layout!

Reprinted with permission from “jenjenjasp” at RAKScraps.

Credits:   Vegetable Medley by Paste Optional Designs; Template is from Candy Wrappers: Flavor G by Scraps of Candy, Font by Font for Peas.

Let jen know how much you like this little layout by leaving her a comment here!  And if you know of a great layout that you would like to see published here please shoot me an email at floppylattedesigns.com or admin@ floppylattedesigns.com and I will get it up for you!  (Yes, It can be one of your own!)

Until next time,

Catch you on the flip,

2 Responses to “Potato Chips ARE Veggies too!”

  1. JenJen said

    lol…I don’t know about others, but I can’t see the layout? but thank you for highlighting this fun layout and moment for me. it was funny. Kids….what can we say????

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