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Christy VanderWall – Guest Blogger for July 16th, 2010

Hello everyone!  It’s time for another guest blogger.  This time around we have Christy VanderWall aka Speedscraps.  Christy has an engineering background and is also a very very very talented digiscrapper and designer as well as producing some fabulous scripts that are ever so helpful in digi scrapping.  Today, Christy brings us a bit on Randomness.  I, for one, know how hard it is to make a layout appear random while thinking of precise placement of each and every element.  Christy will share with us her take on Randomness.  After reading this post, please drop Christy a comment and visit her on Facebook and her blog, which is wonderful.  All the links are at the bottom of her post. 

Randomness for Dummies (In the spirit of the ________ for Dummies Books that are so popular) 

SpeedScraps Blog

 One would think that creating a bit of randomness would be an easy task. Our everyday lives are full of disorder and my children are masters at it! But for some of us, it doesn’t come easy. Maybe it’s a left brain, right brain thing, or maybe it’s my engineering background, I don’t know. All I know is that I can spend a great deal of time trying to make something ‘look’ like it was scattered or randomly created. 

This is why I love the Scatter Things script I created. It does the work of mixing things up for me. (If you don’t have the script yet, it is available free, for PS and PSE, at the SpeedScraps blog. There are also detailed instructions on how to install and use the scripts). 

Here is one example of how I used to Scatter Things script to add a little fun to a border I wanted to create. 

First, I made a circle that had a smaller, off-center, circle cut out of it. 


 Then, I duplicated the original image nine times and lined the 10 shapes up in two rows of five. 

2 Sets of 5

To add some visual interest to the border, I let the Scatter Things script do its work. Here is a screenshot of the settings I used. I chose zero for the number of copies, because I only wanted to resize and rotate each layer a bit, but not make any new copies. I chose 15% for size variation, just to give a little bit of size difference from circle to circle, but not too much, and chose 360 deg for angle variation, so that the offset circle would get rotated in various, random directions. 


 Here is my finished, layered template. (If you don’t like the results of the Scatter Things script, the nice thing is you can just back up and run it again!) 

Completed Scatter

And here is a sample of a finished border. I simply clipped different papers to the layers and added a small drop shadow and inner glow to each layer for a great finished product! 

Embellished Scatter

Here is the same circle template resized and rearranged to make a smaller scale border. 

Modified Border

For more tips on how to use the Scatter Things script, available at SpeedScraps, see the product Instructions. 

I hope this has been helpful to the more left-brained crowd, like myself! Happy Scattering! 

Christy VanderWall 

Email: SpeedScraps@gmail.com 



One Response to “Christy VanderWall – Guest Blogger for July 16th, 2010”

  1. Sara arell said

    Awesome, Christy! Love your scattering technique – you are so talented and I miss you on the other place so much. I think I’m going to send you an email just to chat a little bit if that’s okay with you. Jessica is doing a great job with her designing and I was delighted when she told me you were going to be her Guest Blogger. I will definitely download this for Photoshop – I think it’s great and your instructions were very precise and I like that – I’m the one who needs the “Whatever Book for Dummies” when it comes to some of these scripts since I really never used PSE but have used Photoshop for more years than I care to admit. I learned how to use Creative Suites when I was a graphic artist for the base we were stationed at – it was a brand new position and I had to just feel my way through it – and it was no picnic! I had no idea what I was doing but I did eventually figure it out and now that I have it all figured out, CS5 is out and there are some differences – good ones – really neat ones – but I don’t have them all figured out yet, and my computer is a Mac now – not the PC I started on.
    Congratulations on your new endeavor and I wish you all the best.
    Sara Arell

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