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I am moving to a new home!

Posted by floppylattedesigns on October 9, 2010

Well everyone, I am making this my last post on WordPress.  I have officially moved to www.floppylattesdigitaldesigns.blogspot.com.

Not that I don’t like WordPress, but it is much easier to use Blogspot, and I can personalize it anywhich way that I like, and that was the big factor.  I needed my own personality without having to pay for it.  So, for all of you that have subscriptions to my blog here at wordpress, hop on over to my new blog and sign up, so that you will get all the new product, layouts, freebies, and ah yes, new recipe notices!  (for my sister blog, www.whatscookinwithjess.blogspot.com

I will check back here for the next couple of weeks while I m ove over a few final thingys but after that, you will only be able to reach me at www.floppylattesdigitaldesigns.blogspot.com!

I hope that you will all travel over there with me!

Catch you on the Flip,


2 Responses to “I am moving to a new home!”

  1. freeebies said

    will visit that new link!

  2. A really helpful post – A big thank you I hope you don’t mind me writting about this article on my blog Thanks

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